How it works

How it works

Dial it up to suit

Fora Tailored Office comes as an addition to a standard Fora workspace up to 50% of your total space, or less, depending on your company’s need for dynamic work

Take a fresh look

We listen and learn about your business to place your professional needs at the heart of your new workplace design.

Designed Variety

We plan a system of settings that creates areas suited to different tasks, such as focus, presentation, conversation and collaboration.

A build to suit you

You choose from a wide range of different furnishings and technology, to build the perfect working environment. All existing wider Fora services are still available to you

A business partner

The tailored service comes with constant data monitoring and feedback that will show you how your space is being used, and how this use could be improved.

Working together

The different settings are designed in a modular way to be integrated with standard Fora desks, and crucially, with each other.

Pick and choose

We plan to devise the perfect arrangement of settings to suit your particular business needs. We will help you make the right choices.

Integrate the settings

By combining desk spaces with tailored areas for other tasks like presentation or workshops, you achieve a progressive workspace.

Adapt as you wish

Your Fora Tailored Office sits in a Fora building, and as many of the components are on wheels and movable, it’s easy to make adjustments to your company’s office space.

Add and subtract

Using our supplied data monitoring, you will see how the tailored office is used by your team, enabling us to refine workspace solutions as your business evolves.

Choose from a range of work settings that enable your team to work together or apart


A place for coming together

Sometimes the best way to discuss ideas in a small group is in a thoroughly relaxed setting. Sofas and soft furnishings also lend themselves to meetings with clients over a coffee.


A place for private work

For the most discrete and quiet tasks we have the Box, an office within the office for private calls, conversations and video conferencing.



A place for team focus

Many teams like to be able to work at desks but also explore ideas together in a more dynamic way. This set-up sits people together so answers are within easy reach.


A place for team work

If you need to really develop concepts in a group and work towards goals as a team, a setting with large sit/stand desktops and a space prepared with visual aids is ideal.


A place for quiet focus

It’s not always about conversation. Sometimes you need to concentrate on the task in hand in a space designed to minimise distraction.


A place for conversation

For the age old art of finding solutions through discussion, a space with a meeting table that can be scaled up and down to host as many participants as you need is an asset.


A place for presentations

Sharing projects, explaining strategy, revealing plans. These are crucial tasks for many businesses so why not have a space where you can host a town hall presentation?

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