Why Fora Tailored Office

Why Fora Tailored Office

We have designs on the future of work

Fora gets that traditional office spaces don’t work for progressive businesses. That’s why it has developed flexible workspaces, so that it can offer a modern office for modern working practices, one where requirements can be easily scaled up or down and tech and hospitality come with the territory.

Three good reasons to use Fora Tailored Office

Fora Tailored Office is your new secret ingredient

Now it’s time to add an extra dimension, one that acknowledges the seismic shifts in the dynamic of work that have taken place over the past few years; trends that have been turbo-charged by the past 12 months. Fora Tailored Office gives your business the opportunity to design a workspace that is created specifically for your needs.

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Why tailoring your workspace matters

Working with the Fora team, you can fashion an office that works more productively for you. This is not about décor and furniture – though there are many choices of these available – it is about how to organise your space for the different activities that you engage in together. Whether you are 30, 50 or 150 strong. Collaboration, presentation, focus, entertainment – we all work in different ways, and an office fit for purpose will recognise this. Through tailored design, your workspace becomes a powerful asset, creating an inspirational environment that will enable your people to produce their best work in the most creative and efficient manner.

A business partner

But beyond the initial design, this new service comes with a longer-term benefit. Through constant data monitoring and feedback, Fora will show you how your space is being used, and how this use could be improved. In this way, your office is constantly being tailored to ensure it is performing at its best.

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Accommodates 60 team members

Traditional desk space


Accommodates 80 team members

Fora Tailored Office with activity-based settings

A Tailored Office

We have multiple locations of Fora buildings throughout London, and one in Reading, that can incorporate the Fora Tailored Office service. In switching to a tailored design, you not only create a more dynamic workspace, you also increase the number of people you can accommodate in a given floor space.


Here you see two floorplans from our Fora building in London’s Soho. On the left is the standard Fora offer of multiple desks, which can house approximately 60 people. On the right is how Tailored Office can augment this with new areas dedicated to specific working activities. This arrangement can serve
for a team of 80.

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We’ve got you covered

Fora has London covered. Our buildings are in the West End, The City and East London, North London and South London. We also have a Fora in Reading. Right is the view from the balcony of our Fora in Shoreditch, East London

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